We are more than just a studio- we are a COMMUNITY, we are YOUR community Cold Lake, Bonnyville and St Paul!

Come sweat with us!

We are about creating a safe space where the pause button can be hit and your batteries recharged. We are about making time for self care. We are about having FUN. We are about feeling GOOD. We are about spreading this far and wide. We are about being one; we are about comm-YOU-nity.

Wheel Fit-iquette

  • Smells

    • Do your laundry; you’ll be sweating in close quarters. ‘nuff said

    • Refrain from strong scents; things amplify with sweat!

  • Swag

    • Appropriate workout gear is always a hit!

      • Avoid loose bottoms that may get caught in the pedals

  • Shoes

    • Please remove outside footwear at the front entrance in the designated area

      • Cycle: only gear up with spin shoes in the studio space at the bike side

  • Sweat

    • Towels are always complimentary, we ask that you  please leave them in the hampers provided after class

  • Stay

    • Once class starts the door will be closed, no one comes in and no one leaves, this is a safety precaution.

      • If you are feeling unwell at any point please do not leave your bike, keep moving and slow your breathing and heart rate- getting up and stopping  will make things worse, trust us!

  • Shh..

    • Please leave cellphones in your vehicle or cubbies provided. The studio is a NO PHONE ZONE. This is YOUR time, be present – those snaps and FB updates can wait an hour!

    • The lobby and change rooms are a great place to get to know each other but we ask that you please remain mindful that there may be overlap of class well as massage clients next door.

      •  Please refrain from talking once the class has started, it can make it difficult for others to hear the instructor


“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

-Amy Poehler

Our Bike

Our studio is equipped with a top of the line indoor ride created by long time reputable manufacturer Schwinn. The Schwinn A.C. (Authentic Cycling) Performance Plus Carbon Blue stationary bikes are made from light-weight rust-free aluminium and feature carbon-fibre reinforced belt-based drive systems that perform like a chain for an authentic cycling feel.

Your Experience

We provide a club like setting and implement a full body, low impact, high energy workout designed to make your blood pump. We incorporate aerobic activity coordinated to the rhythm of rocking music and add the use of weights and make you sweat! We are just your cruise director YOU control the intensity of your ride, YOU bring the heat and energy that power the bikes. This isn't your mama’s spin class- it’s a party on a bike!

PREP: Drink water before class and eat a light snack 30 minutes before start time (it gets REAL on the bike - keep this in mind when choosing what to munch on!). We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to sign in, change, and adjust your bike to suit your body. (We will help you out here and teach you how!)

GEAR: We suggest active wear that is light and comfortable and can handle a good drench. We offer a display option of SPD clip in shoes and may assist in purchasing your own to provide you the most control and safety. Don’t worry- we understand that may be a big commitment, which is why we have pedals with a slip in cage that accommodate your own indoor exercise shoe. We will provide you with a cool invigorating lemon grass infused towel at the end of class to cool off and wipe down your ride.

POST: Drink water! Basque in the euphoric feeling that follows your class! Don’t hesitate to ask our team to go over any positions or cueing; we are here for YOU! We want you to get the most out of your class and are happy to answer your questions.

First Ride? All of our classes are designed to accommodate any level, we go over bike set up and positioning every time! 



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